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This web site is about personal finance, living within your means, debt management, the monetary value of time, lifestyle choices, macroeconomics, and many other related topics, but it’s mostly about you and how you can use it (and the hundreds of links to external web sites) to provide you with all the tools you could ever wish for in order to get your finances in order, have a more prosperous future, and be in control of your time.

Like it or not, time is money, but no amount of money will ever be able to buy back time. The goal then, is to learn how to properly spend, save, & invest your money, in order to eventually be able to stop spending any time thinking about money, and enjoy your time doing the things you truly care about.

It is my belief that financial literacy is a crucial life skill (which schools really ought to spend more time teaching us about) that affects everyone’s lives, not just those pursuing degrees in business, finance, and economics. Financial literacy shouldn’t be needlessly complicated, or obfuscated by the use of complex algorithms or theoretical frameworks (those can be left to the professionals). It should be approached in a logical manner that fits the workings of the real economy on a day-to-day basis.

To that end, most articles and posts you will come across here, will provide summaries of freely-available materials by licensed professionals and the links to those original sources which are often official reports from various governmental agencies, industry reports, and various other reputable sources. For those that want to delve deeper in each of those sub-topics, you will be able to do so at your own leisure, and you will also be able to verify my own conclusions; always question and always think critically.

Life is about choices, you simply have to learn to live with the ones you make.

Here’s to better choices and to acquire some Financial Skills for the Real World!